Patmos ιsland welcomes the 16th Festival of Sacred Music, which takes place in the area of the Sacred Cave of the Apocalypse from today August 29, till September 3, 2017. The Festival selects musical hymns of the Orthodox and Catholic Church as well as works of folk music tradition. This is a special occasion which combines artistic excellence with performances of high musical and spiritual content.

The Byzantine Choir “Romanos the Melodist” opens the program and on 30/8 the Patmos Festival orchestra performs  the play “Daniel in the lion’s den”, a synthesis of the artistic director of the Festival, Alkis Baltas, which is based on the liturgical drama and on hymns from the Medieval Church Music.

Actor Nikos Georgakis will read parts of the Old Testament, both in Greek language and in English.

The Sacred Music Festival concludes on Sunday, 3/9 with the performance of  the Philharmonic Society of Corfu.

Admission is free.

Translation: Angeliki Dervou