In the effort to overcome all forms of gender inequality, which is the main concern of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality (SGES), organizes its first festival at Theater Vrahon on June 29 and 30; 2018 at 18:30. The entrance to the festival is free.

The aim of this initiative is to inform and raise awareness among the largest possible audience and especially young people, about the work of the SGES, through various actions regarding inequalities, thus sending a loud message for gender equality.

In an effort to encourage the work of female creators and artists, the festival’s first part will showcase emerging and promising artists Marina Satti with Fones and Pavlina Voulgarakis.

On Saturday, June 30, 2018, popular music singer Foteini Velesiotou will perform a renewed program and new musical quests. Accompanied by singer Sotiris Ballas. Singer Afentoula Razelis will follow with a melodic journey featuring familiar songs, loved and timeless.

The Festival will also feature organized debates on important aspects of gender inequality, such as the sexual harassment debate, entitled: “You do not flatter me, you harass me!” (29/06)  and the discussion “Aspects of Gender Disparities in Art and Culture” (30/6).

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