7 months after the opening ceremony for the construction of the TAP natural gas pipeline held in May 2016, the construction project has advanced significantly, having already installed 95 km of pipeline.

The total length of the pipeline, which will start from the Turkish border and will cross Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea to arrive to Southern Italy, is 878 km., 550 of which will be  in Greek territory .

The pipeline will have a transport capacity of 10 bn cubic meters of gas per year, with the possibility of doubling the amount in the future. It will supply the markets of the Balkans and Europe with natural gas from the Caspian region.

The realization of the TAP pipeline paves the way for energy diversification in Europe, as part of the Energy Union energy security axis, providing a new source of supply and a new gas transport route to Europe.

The start-up of the pipeline is expected in 2020.