Following great artistic success and sold out performances, Chryssa Xourafa’s “Antigone, the true story”, directed by Vana Pefanis, returns to the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation for a limited run of 16 performances until October 29.

Continuing her journey to present-day Athens, seeking happiness and love, Antigone tries to make audiences see her in a new light, giving us her true story. So far, she has been known as a fatal creature that elects to commit suicide in the cave where Creon doomed her because she dared to bury her brother. But what if she decided to rebel against this fate? To not always commit suicide through all time, but instead to live, love, and be happy? How would Oedipus and Ismene react? Would Haemon protect her again or not? Would Sophocles destroy his best work just for her to be happy? Centering her work on these exact questions, Vana Pefani directs a light, youthful performance.

Where: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
When: Until October 29; Thursday-Friday-Saturday & Sunday, 9:30 pm.

Admission: €6-14