According to an article published by “Kathimerini” newspaper claiming diplomatic sources, Greece has taken action towards the expulsion of two Russian diplomats and a ban on entering the country on two more as a response to the illegal actions they have taken in Greek territory.

The newspaper reports that Greece is looking at “movements of influence in municipalities and metropolises, as well as in Mount Athos”, while there is also talk of attempting to intervene on sensitive issues of the country in the Balkans and especially in the FYROM nomenclature.

In a statement, government spokesperson Dimitris Tzanakopoulos stressed that Greece follows a multidimensional foreign policy and wants good relations with all states, adding, however, that everyone ought to respect both international law and the Greek government and state.

Diplomatic sources cited by the Athenian – Macedonian News Agency said for their part that “when the Scripal case had arisen, Greece had not expelled Russian diplomats, as there was no evidence against them; now, however, there is evidence concerning the national security and therefore measures are being taken.”