The Sunday edition of Athens' dailies at a glance:

AVGI: The new landscape and the big stakes

DEMOKRATIA: Papaconstantinou's shock admission: 'Supervision is to our advantage'

DOCUMENTO: In the Mareva-gate labyrinth. New offshores and a wanted partner

ELEFTHERIA TOU TIPOU: Kammenos uncovered

ELEFTHEROS TIPOS: New bombshell with backdated [cuts] for pensioners

ETHNOS: Vgenopoulos, the offshore funds and the 85 billion drachmas

KATHIMERINI: Scenes of decline at universities

LOGOS: Wintery scene

NEA SELIDA: No exception to the wealth and assets declaration

PROTO THEMA: A lump in the head is coming! Cuts up to 35 pct for new pensions and EKAS at 35 euros

REAL NEWS: How to save your home from being put to auction

RIZOSPASTIS: The 'next day' calls for organising and struggling, not waiting

TO ARTHRO: What end of crisis?

TO PARON: The great massacre of the self-employed

TO VIMA: Melancholy democracy

VRADYNI: Wages and pensions slashed