The Saturday edition of Athens' dailies at a glance:

ELEFTHEROS TIPOS: Survival guide for all buildings without planning permission

DEMOKRATIA: Frouzis gave orders, Adonis [Georgiadis] obeyed...

ETHNOS: All the tips for not missing out on the tax measures

ESTIA: Tsipras threatened with downfall in May

AVGHI: Close encounters between Samaras, Novartis

EFIMERITHA TON SINTAKTON: Confidential Novartis report: 'Let's not step in it like Siemens'

KATHIMERINI: Clouds gather in the talks with FYROM

RIZOSPASTIS: We are strengthening our struggle for wages, pensions, collective agreements

TA NEA: They sent a bullet to Kotzias over Macedonia. In an envelope before his visit to Skopje.

KONTRANEWS: Who got the 350 billion [euros] that the people are now paying for in blood

PARASKINIO: What Tsipras fears. The thermometer climbing in Greek-Turkish affairs

PARAPOLITIKA: Ivan and the 'Tiger' secretly in the Maximos Mansion. Secret meeting before the derby at Irodou Attikou