For the 11th consecutive year, the Bob Theater Festival dedicated to youth theater, returns with a full program featuring 18 performances, 3 parties, a concert, a workshop, selected premieres and the Scratch Night contest. From 28 May to 3 June, 38 theater groups will showcase the best of Greek Youth Theater at BIOS art space.

As it enters a new decade, the festival  focus on a theater that is useful, life changing and which speaks to the people. “Why do we go to the theater? To relax? To escape? To evaluate interpretations and directors? Is that all? As creators, are we interested in our audience? Do we understand its problems? Do we want to help? Or are we lost in perfecting our technique and end up only appealling to ourselves?”

The festival organizers consider that theater is a tool that helps us navigate life, but we have ceased to see it as such. “At the Bob Theater Festival, we want to re-activate its utility. We want to explore the artists’ potential to create useful performances. At the same time, we want to encourage the audience to demand these type of performances”.

ERT S.A. is the festival’s media sponsor.