The Antiquities Ephorate of Lesvos will mark International Museum Day on May 18 with the presentation of the first of the "Unique Exhibits at the Archaeological Museum of Mytilene" series that will be launched at 20:00 on Friday, in the new building of the Mytilene Archaeological Museum.

The first exhibition for the series in 2018 is entitled "Bronze Mycenean Weapons from Thermi on Lesvos".

The overall theme of the exhibits that will be presented in 2018 are "Works of peace and war in Lesvos" and, according to the chief of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Lesvos Pavlos Triantafyllidis, "the aim is to travel in time and history and become acquainted with aspects of the people of Lesvos and the days of prosperity through unique archaeological finds, as well as with the difficult days of war, conflict and unfair competition."

Τhe bronze Mycenaean weapons from the prehistoric settlement of Thermi that will be displayed on Friday date back to the 14th and 13th centuries BC. They are examples of advanced Mycenaean metalwork and weapon-making, which reached their peak during the 13th and 12th centuries BC, with the construction of the most elaborate weapons for warriors, heroes, aristocrats and nobles.

The new exhibit, which will be held on the ground floor of the new building, will be accompanied by a video and a special leaflet for visitors in Greek and English.

Entrance for the public will be free of charge.