The “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Center invites children and their parents to participate in educational workshops throughout the weekends of January. From Aesop’s fables, to folk tales and the history of chocolate and the subject of renewable energy, children travel all over the world!

Saturday, January 13 (children 3 to 5 years old) at 11h30

“Around the world in 70 minutes …”

Would you like to travel around the world? See how children live in different parts of the globe and imagine how life is in the desert, the jungle and the poles? A magic carpet takes the children to a journey around the Earth and its five continents where they discover the culture, the flora and fauna through different games, dances and creative play!

Saturday, January 20 

“Tzikis the Tzitzikis”

Summer, singing, dancing and leisure. In the forest of IMEohora, the cicadas have stopped singing and dancing. Tzikis the Tzitzikis, incredible orchestra conductor and tenor has lost his chorus and is looking for new friends to help him bring back dancing and singing. This workshop is a journey into the world of music!

Saturday 27 January

“The lion and the mouse”

The strong and the weak, the big and the small. Two very different heroes from Aesop’s fable will explain why we need each other! Children and adults discover their “power” through expression and role play.

The cost for each workshop is 8 euros for children and 4 euros for adults.

Reservations at: 212 254 0000

Sunday workshops for children aged 5 to 12 at 12:30

Sunday 14 January

“The red thread, wrapped in the wind, gives its clots a ride, a fairy tale to start”

The popular fairytale book is ready to open and children can travel to a magical world where they discover its heroes, their feats and their magical objects.

Sunday, January 21

“Sun, wind, water, energy in the future”

Sun, wind, water … The sources of renewable energy are inexhaustible. How can we use them to improve life for humanity and the planet?

Sunday, January 28

“Immerse yourself in chocolate”

Chocolate! Bitter or sweet, hot or cold, it’s always delicious! In this workshop, children discover the history of chocolate.

Price: 8.50 euros

Cultural Center “Hellenic Cosmos” (254 Piraeus street, Tavros)

Reservations at: 212 254 0000