Rescue teams continue their researches in Western Attica, as six people are still missing after the deadly floods that have cost 16 people their lives and have caused immense material damages. Experts talk about an unprecedented thunderstorm in Western Attica, as the rainfall of only a few hours was the 1/5 of that corresponding to a whole year. This fact, combined with the total deforestation of the area, led to enormous volumes of water that could not be retained; rushing water, together with mud and sediment from Pateras mountain, cut roads in half, swept off cars, and flooded houses and stores.

Conditions were even more deteriorated due to filled in streams and the insufficient flood retaining structures that would channel rainwater. It is pointed out that the Geology Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens had selected the area of Mandra as a case study of a postgraduate program, as the worst example of human intervention in natural environment.

Translation: Eleni Gogou