A down-on-his-luck journalist of previous fame and glory, Akis Glykofridis, is set to make his TV comeback, with an exclusive expected to shock Greece and cause a political earthquake. Things become complicated when the notorious DVD with the proof for his exclusive ends up, by chance, in the hands of Olga. Akis finds Olga, and she is willing to return it, but has no recollection of where she put it. with the segment scheduled to air in two hours, the DVD is nowhere to be found, and time presses down on the journalist, who in turn presses Olga to regain her memory.

This is the story of “Comeback”, the Vassilis Katsikonouris new play, with which a quartet of acclaimed actors finds itself in what the writer calls a comedy of memory, featuring Mina Adamakis, Alexandra Palaiologou, Ioannis Papazisis and Haris Tzortzakis, directed by Petros Filippidis.

Where: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
When: From December 2 onwards; Fridays-Saturdays, 9 pm; Sundays, 8 pm