Fascinated by the colors and the imagination in the submissions so far received, the Museum of Cycladic Art continues to accept children’s works of art in the competition which calls on kids 4-12 years old to picture the figurines in their own way.

This year in its 5th iteration, the contest allows its young artist friends to draw their inspiration from a Cypriot plank-shaped figurine from the 2nd millennium B.C. Children are encouraged to download the file of the figurine’s outline, and let their imagination free! Does it look like a plane? A bee, a plant? All answers are correct, and some entries will be selected to be included in an exhibition to be born of the contest, and presented at the Museum. A committee of Museum experts and associates will also select the three winners, one from the ages of 4-6, one from the ages of 7-9, and one from the ages of 10-12.

Children can participate individually, or as school classes. To enter the competition, click here, and follow the instructions.