Through February 18, Curated by art historian and critic, Emmy Varouxakis, ten contemporary Greek artists will once again represent Greek art at the Independents’ Salon at the Grand Palais, in Paris’s Champs-Elysées.

For the eighth year, Emmy Varouxakis presents a group exhibition of Greek artists, housed in an exhibition hall found in a magnificent building of eclectic architecture bringing together the neoclassical and industrial styles, which always houses major exhibitions.

The exhibition’s organizers asked Mrs. Varouxakis, who in all previous years has been following the Independents’ Salon and discussing with them the achievements of contemporary Greek art, to exercise her judgment to invite a group of Greek artists of her own choosing. Thus began the Greek representation at the Salon, which, despite challenges, endures until today, with almost 90 artists having shown their work.

The Independents’ Salon was introduced in 1887, following repeated refusals for pioneering and revolutionary artists to be exhibited at the official French Artists’ Salon. throughout the years, its exhibition halls, consistently housed in select Parisian buildings, have offered the entirety of European modernity a home and shelter.