What would a restaurant inspired by eternal summertime be like?A ritual symposium following a procession in the dark of smells and flavors? A dining space for eight solitaries in a cloud of mirrors?

Three different interpretations to those questions, are presented at a unique exhibition organized by the DOMES International Review of Architecture and the Benaki Museum. The exhibition, titled “COOK8: The New Dining Place” visible until July 29, showcases the 280 restaurants that were submitted in the COOK8 International Design Competition, the subject of which was the design of an interior dining space for 8 people, of an area of 30m2. It features three original spaces realized in life-size dimensions and the proposals from 24 countries that redefine the architecture of restauration.

The competition’s requirement subject was to design an interior dining space for 8 people in a 30m2 area. Its aim is the formulation of new ideas on the design of a meeting-place for people on the occasion of the preparation and consumption of food as means of socialization.

The three winning projects are: “Glorious holistic” (Kostas Aliivatos & Ioannis Kitanis), “Sea sex & sun” (Danae Vlachaki, Daphne-Christina Papadopoulou & Katiana-Maria Lioga) and “To Nefos” (Felix Chun Lam, Ziyang Luo & Yi Ran Weng).

In addition, the nine honourary mentions will be presented as models, while all entries will be accompanied with iconographic and design material.


When: Until July 29 2018

Where: Benaki Museum (138 Pireos st).