A Criminal Appeals Court on Wednesday sentenced Pola Roupa to serve life and 25 years for the bomb attack on the Bank of Greece on April 10, 2014, which was claimed by the terror group Revolutionary Struggle.

The court found Roupa guilty of a series of charges that included forming a terrorist organisation, the supply, possession and use of explosives and others. The court accepted the prosecutor's argument that Roupa had morally instigated the attack that her partner, Nikos Maziotis, had then executed.

Maziotis has been convicted and sentenced to life for the same attack in 2016 and is now to be tried by a higher level court.

The blast targeting the central bank went off early in the morning, using a booby-trapped car filled with explosives that was parked on Amerikis Street outside the bank. Despite the very powerful explosion that caused damage to surrounding buildings and shops over a wide radius, nobody was injured as a warning call enabled police to evacuate the area in good time.

The group "Revolutionary Struggle" claimed responsibility for the attack on April 25.