The Dagipoli Dance Company was established in May 2004 in Athens. At its core are performers with disabilities, among which is its founder, Yiorgos Christakis. The group is made up by many dancers, actors, musicians, and other professionals, who may or may not have some disability.

In its course, Dagipoli has been acknowledged and embraced by audiences in Greece and abroad, participating in dozens of modern dance festivals. Dagipoli’s productions don’t focus on disability per se, but rather that is something that exists as a given condition which is part of the performer; it becomes a part of the art not as a theme of its, but as part of the artistic convention defining the roles of spectator and performers alike.

On October 8, at the Herod Atticus Odeon, in a show titled “TerrAnima”, Dagipoli choreographs a journey from the Mediterranean to the Aegean, and from the Acropolis to the heart of Crete, making stops at three cities that have impacted the group’s own course: Milan, Athens, and Chania.

Yiorgos Christakis choreographs and performs on stage; Antonis Kafetzopoulos and Kostas Grammatikakis narrate the show; Kostas Leivadas scores the performance which features songs interpreted by Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Andrianna Mpampali, and the composer.

Part of the perdormance’s proceeds will go to Kritiki Estia, in support of its work helping young children.

Admission: €15-55; admission is free for persons with disability.

Tickets are sold at Seven Spots, Reload Stores, Media Markt, Euripides Bookstores,
Viva Kiosk, City of Athens Technopolis, and at the Athens Festival registers.

You can also find tickets online here, and by phone at 11876.

Where: Herod Atticus Odeon
When: October 8