An agate stamp featuring an engraved design of stunning art and detail, depicting an impressive battle scene, has archeologists fascinated. The stamp was found in the tomb of “Grypas Warrior” in Pylos, and reminds of scenes from the Iliad.

Two years ago, US archaeologists Jack Davis and Sharon Stoker from Cincinnati University discovered at this Pylos site a tiny object of about 3.5 centimeters. When the object’s maintainer removed all the admixtures from its surface, the agate stamp was revealed, featuring an impressive battle scene with a naked, long-haired warrior-hero.

Coordinated by the two scientists, the excavation program in Pylos was conducted by the American School of Classical Studies, following a permission being granted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. All work was carried out under the direct supervision of the Messinia Ephorate of Antiquities. The program included 45 archaeologists, specialized scientists and students of different nationalities from many universities around the world.