Deputy Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis attended an event for the “Minoan Olive Tree” that was held in Kavousi village, located at Ierapetra, Crete, where he stressed that growth may be steadier and sturdier only if it is based on institutions created within society and through the exploitation of local resources and cultural assets.

The Deputy Prime Minister was guided around the sights of the area and was informed about the actions aimed at the promotion and protection of the “Minoan Olive Tree” and the holy grove, as well as the adjacent ancient settlements.

Kavousi is one of the oldest villages of Crete and has been inhabited since the Neolithic era and it is also considered to be a kind of a model settlement for the Early Iron Age.

The ancient Minoan olive tree of Kavousi village has been declared one of the monumental olive trees existing on Crete because of the large dimensions of its trunk (perimeter 22.10 m at the base) and due to its location near ancient settlements.


Translation: Angeliki Dervou