On board a sailboat, a group of artists will travel for five months in the Mediterranean sea. From Port de Bouc in the Marseillaise region, they will propose between 5 and 10 stopovers during which various cultural and social events will take place. It is a kind of an on-board traveling festival. In each port, the artists will propose a series of cultural actions, in collaboration with local partners such as artists, schools, associations, unions, cultural institutions and local communities. The sailboat will be in Lesbos from 19 to 25 August.

The traveling festival will present the play “C’est la goutte d’eau” (“It’s the drop of water”) written by Mandine Guillaume and Emilien Urbach and performed by Kostadis Mizaras and Pierre-Alain Manoni.

Synopsis of the play 

A man and a woman call for help off the island of Lampedusa. She is pregnant and about to give birth. It is October 3, 2013, at the very moment of the first sinking of Lampedusa, which cost 366 people their lives. Relief at sea is overwhelmed and no one helps the couple. They find themselves stranded, we do not know where, on a pontoon at the edge of the Mediterranean. Their baby refuses to come into the world. Every day, the man goes back to sea and brings back bottles. They contain the alerts and hopes of those who sent them. She receives them and reads them, restoring message after message, the odyssey of another couple of lovers separated on the way to exile.

The theatrical text was written together with the crew of Aquarius, the SOS Mediterranean rescue boat. It is a contemporary Mediterranean myth that questions humanity and solidarity.

The actions


As part of the group’s cooperation with the film festival “Zone Portuaire”, films related to the sea and solidarity will be shown.

Bottle Writing Workshops

Throughout the journey, messages that are written during the workshops, will be collected and then “sent” to the Mediterranean.

Practical information

Public: Children, adults, asylum seekers, etc.

Number of participants: 15 maximum

Duration: Two to four meetings of 2 hours