In its unique narrative form, Aeschylus’s “The Persians”, the oldest of ancient Greek dramaturgy’s surviving works, and the only one based on historical events, chronicles the triumph of the Greek spirit over Persian arrogance, which is ultimately defeated. In this year’s Athens and Epidaurus Festival, this extraordinary play is being staged by the Cyprus Theater Organization, under the guidance of new director Aris Mpiniaris, who leads an engaging cast, including Karyofyllia Karampeti Nikos Psaras, Antonis Myriagkos and Haris Charalambous, into the play.

According to the director, “the performance is both a theatrical and musical event and puts forward a lively synthesis of poetic word, music and theatrical action. It liberates the essence of the Aeschylian work of art, and allows the viewer to comprehend the universality of ancient drama. Using musicality as a vehicle for representation and transformation, the actors approach the meanings, rhythms and sounds of the poetic text. All the main characters, as also the Chorus, are played in order to reveal the play’s musical texture.”

The performance has been enthusiastically received in Cyprus, where it has been presented at Nicosia, Limassol, and elsewhere. Cyprus press reviews talk of a great performance featuring exceptional acting, that uses musicality to reach the core of ancient drama.

Buses for audiences to reach the Epidaurus ancient theater from Athens will be available for this performance, following strong demand. Also available during the performance will be the festival’s creative daycare for the children of audience members. You can find more information here and here.

You can view the trailer for the performance here.

Where: Epidaurus ancient theatre
When: August 11-12