A visit by European Ombudsman Emily O' Reilly to the Greek capital on February 20-22 will include meetings with President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis, and a visit to a refugee and migrant reception centre in Elaionas.

While in Athens, she will also collaborate with her Greek counterpart Andreas I. Pottakis while on February 21 she will meeting with organisations and agencies and hold a press conference at the European Parliament's office in Athens.

Emily O’Reilly was first elected as the European Ombudsman in July 2013 and re-elected for a five year mandate in December 2014. As the European Ombudsman she investigates maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union. For her work she was awarded the Schwarzkopf Europe Award in 2017.