“I’m not my father’s, I’m not my husband’s, I want to be myself”; “Woman without a man, fish without a bike”; “Women, let’s turn our fear into a rebellion”; “Personal is political”: These are just some of the characteristic slogans through which the Greek feminist movement, a movement that significantly affected social developments in regards to gender, made its presence felt during the Metapolitefsi.

That extremely productive period for women’s issues and Greek society is vividly portrayed in an exhibition put together by the Hellenic Parliament’s Foundation for Parliamentarianism and Democracy, titled “Feminism in the years of the transition to democracy (Metapolitefsi), 1974-1990: Ideas, collectivities , demands,” which run in Athens to great success.

In collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, the exhibition is now moving to the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, where it will run from March 8 to June 30.

Photographs, newspaper front pages, prints, manuscripts, posters and audiovisual documents, books and magazines represent women’s movements in the Metapolitefsi period.

Opening the exhibition on March 8, at 6:30pm, will be the Hellenic Parliament’s Foundation for Parliamentarianism and Democracy’s Secretary General, historian Niki Maroniti.