The visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Greece should not be used for petty politics, the Greek foreign ministry said in a press release on Thursday, criticizing lawmakers of the opposition and media who described the event as a failure.

"A highlight for the country's foreign policy, including the current visit of Turkish President Erdogan to Athens, should not be used for petty politics," the foreign ministry said.

"Even before the meetings between the prime minister and the Turkish president were held, as well as between ministers, officials of the opposition but also opposition media have commented on the alleged failure of today’s historic visit. This frivolous criticism against the Greek foreign policy supports a peculiar neo-isolationism and turns inertia and immobility into the highest value," it added.

"This prefabricated criticism directly affects not only the country and the Foreign Ministry, but it also the diplomats and other ministry employees who have worked hard for the success of today's visit."