The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki presents the exhibition “GREEK BODY OVERLAYS” by Gerald Pryor, an American artist and professor of photography at the New York University NYU Steinhardt. The exhibition, which is curated by Thalia Vrachopoulou, Professor of Art Philosophy, based in New York, opens today, July 17 and will run through to September 30, 2018.

It features 12 new works in which the artist uses painting and photography as a single expressive medium. The artist spreads tempera on his body and begins to roll, move, stand, kneel and these movements, recorded on the different layers of color, are imprinted on the painting’s surface in an attempt to bring it to life. Once the painting is completed, it is photographed in almost absolute darkness with the use of flash.

Pryor thus allows the flash’s random brightness to determine the final visual result. He tries to explore the dynamics of a painting in the dark through his photographic representation. Once this process has been completed, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki searches between among the photographs taken in Greece in June 2016 to find one that will form the basis for his work in relation to ancient art.

According to Pryor, “the importance of the human body is the main axis in ancient Greek art, as seen from the statues of the Kouros and later sculptures.” At the same time, the artist uses the usual decorative motifs of the ancient Greek mosaics, which allow him to show an aesthetic embellishment of meanings and joy. By digitizing these photographic representations, with color overlaps, sculpting and opacity, the artist’s ongoing physical interaction with ancient Greece is attempted. The final photos are printed on large sheets of paper, via an ink jet printer. With this “somatized” photographic sequence, through the camera flash, the American artist seeks to converse with the ancient Greek heritage.

ERT SA is the exhibition’s communications sponsor.

Where: Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (Ioulia Bokotopoulou Hall, tel: 2313 310244)

When: July 17 through to September 30, 2018

Opening hours: Daily 08:00 – 20:00