In “Summerfolk”, his seldom performed in Greece play of many characters, Maxim Gorky asks: “How should people be, for us to not be bored of them?” From November 18 onwards, Maria Maganari brings this question and the others in the play to the Onassis Cultural Centre’s Teen Stage, moving the play’s action from pre-revolutionary Russia to a present-day Greek summer, proving that some writers can appeal with impressive ease to all generations.

The play picks up where Chekhov’s “Cherry Orchard” ends. When Liubowa and her company left the cherry orchard, a new group of individuals began to set up each summer in the country houses that were constructed there. These are the summerfolk. The post-Chekhovian landscape was thus ripe to once again experience unfulfilled love, evening teas, nights of drunken stupor, failed suicide attempts, secrets and lies.

Translated by Maria Maganari and Syrmo Keke, and directed by Maria Maganari, the performance stars Klimis Empeoglou, Iosif Iosifidis, Giorgos Katsis, Viki Katsika, Maria Parasyri, and Andriana Chalkidi.

Where: Onassis Cultural Centre
When: November 18 – April 15

General admission: €5-12 (concessions available)

For more information, visit the Onassis Cultural Centre’s website.