PayByBank, a service by WorldBridge payment foundation, on Thursday announced the beginning of cooperation with the Greek eCommerce Association -GRECA.

PayByBank innovates by automating payments through bank deposits, the only way of payment that has not been automated so far. The system operates on a 24/7 basis.

Fotis Antonopoulos, president of GRECA said: "Electronic commerce is developing rapidly, following the dynamism of technology. A sector we see recording significant development and innovation is that of e-payments. It is our pleasure to cooperate with PayByBank, which offers an automated, very practical and safe e-payment solution, improving further more the online purchasing experience of consumers".

Constantinos Varvias, chairman and CEO in WorldBridge SA said: "We have the pleasure of seeing our motto - payment by deposit - realised in tens of enterprises offering instant bank deposit to their customers, offering better experience to their customers. Our philosophy coincides in many points with that of GRECA and through our partnership we believe we will help to further promote e-commerce in the country".