Greece's exit from the memoranda is a great success, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Sunday in an interview with 'To Vima' newspaper.

He also said that the country's commitments however are clear.

"Greece's exit from the third programme of financial aid is a great success. It is important for Greece that has met the commitments made in summer 2015 and managed, under the supervision of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, to reform in depth. It is also important for the Greek people that have made sacrifices and will now be able to see the results of these sacrifices. But also for Europe and the eurozone. It has been proved that solidarity is not only an essential value of Europe, but it is also something that is functional and efficient," he said.

Le Maire added that Greece's commitments are clear, in particular as regards the primary surpluses and the maintenance of the reforms dynamics. He also estimated that the Greek debt is sustainable and stressed the importance of growth rates.