On the occasion of the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, the Greek Art Theater Karolos Koun introduces a three-year-long series of events on the Arts and Sciences, centered around the theme “200 years since the 1821 revolution / What is modern Greece?”

Starting Monday, March 26, and for the next three years, the Art Theater will be the site of discussions with the audience; round-tables with the participation of scientists, artists, and people who have something to say in general; readings; musical and theatrical events; playwriting competitions; concerts; exhibitions; workshops and other initiatives.

Monday’s opening event, taking place at the Greek Art Theater Karolos Koun’s Frynichou stage, is of both scientific and artistic interest, starting out at 7pm with presentations by Olga Katsiardi – Hering, History of the New Hellenism Professor at the University of Athens (presenting on: Historiography of the Greek Revolution); Paschalis Kitromilidis, Political Sciences Professor at the University of Athens (presenting on: Enlightenment and the ideological preparation of the Revolution); and Vassiliki Sirinidou, History of Modern Hellenism Assistant Professor at the University of Athens (presenting on: Pre-Revolution Greek economy and society). Kali Pagoulatou-Kiparissi will coordinate the debate to follow.

After the presentations and debate, the event’s second part will consist of a written performance by the SCENE (+) group, with the title “Revolutionary Objects.” In the performance, SCENE (+) turns thoughts, concerns, expectations and personal narratives of lesser revolutions, to construct a contemporary frame for the present day, and the echoes of a national revolt.

The Greek Art Theater’s three-year program will culminate in a great theatrical production which will draw inspiration and material from all the events in the program.