The Greek Foreign Ministry characterized the recent statements of the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zacharova as “a characteristic example of disrespect towards a third country, as well as a lack of understanding of the modern world, in which states of whatever size are autonomous and capable of exercising an independent, multidimensional and democratic foreign policy”.

The relevant announcement stressed that “such negative logic also prompted the four Russian citizens to take the actions that led to their deportation or the banning of their entry into Greece”, while it should be noted that “the facts under which Greece acted were presented to the Russian authorities in time”.

In a briefing specifically for the Greek correspondents in Moscow, Ms Zacharova has categorically denied that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke on the phone with his Greek counterpart and claimed that “these multiple updates from Athens to Moscow on the subject are lies”.

At the same time, Ms Zacharova said that the developments of the last few days have come unexpected, especially when there has been a high level of confidence between the two countries.