The file on Novartis case is presented to the Greek Parliament, on Tuesday, based on the law on the liability of ministers.

The investigation of the Anti-corruption Prosecutors on Novartis case started in December 2016. Following a two-year investigation, US authorities gathered evidence on bribes of public service officials and doctors linked to the pharmaceutical company and the methods it allegedly used to prevail in the market. Last fall, a team of prosecutors went to the US where, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, collected specific evidence concerning the Greek involvement, as Novartis allegedly used the contested methods in many countries.

According to what is known so far, two Greek citizens, executives of the company, turned to US authorities and allegedly submitted hundreds of documents substantiating payments to private doctors and doctors working in the public health system (more than 4,000 doctors in total), so that they made decisions in favor of the company and prescribed its medicines.

Two former Prime Ministers and eight ministers are allegedly involved, among others. The public prosecutor’s office investigation on the practices of the pharmaceutical company to prevail in the medicine market has allegedly revealed the involvement of ten politicians in Greece, from 2006 until the beginning of 2015. These are ministers who served in the Ministries of Health, Economy and Development during the period in question, as well as former Prime Ministers Antonis Samaras and Panagiotis Pikramenos.


The leak of the names from the case file has caused strong reactions and all politicians have denied any association, speaking of political prosecutions.


Translation: Eleni Gogou