The artistic proposal of the artists Zafos Xagoraris, Eva Stefani and Panos Charalambous, titled “Suspensions”, curated by Katerina Tselou, will represent Greece at the 58th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale (11 May – 24 November 2019). This announcement came from the Ministry for Culture and Sport, following the decision of its Minister, Lydia Koniordou, and the opinion of the ad hoc advisory committee. The National Museum of Contemporary Art will be responsible for implementating the national representation. According to an announcement by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the proposal to represent Greece was selected by the Committee among 35 applications.

The chosen proposal, according to the artists, “wishes to create the conditions of an active present. Voices and stories emerge in the present, they float in space, they haunt it and they form new relationships and possibilities for the future. With the intensity of the instant – interpreting, that is, this past in a cohesive and intuitive way, with expressive freedom in its connections and representations – the present is altered and new possibilities emerge.

The revisiting of the past and its annulations, the sense of loss and how it determines collective / national desires and strategies, the renegotiation of History and the institutions that create it, and the emergence of alternative stories that call into question its hegemonic narrative are among the proposal’s main axes. Three renowned contemporary Greek artists will be organically involved in the interior and exterior of the Greek pavillon, but also beyond it. Through different strategies and practices, but with common interests, Eva Stefani, Panos Charalambous and Zafos Xagoraris will create a polyphonic and multi-level version of an alternative but active present. “