Greek state budget showed a primary surplus of 2.752 billion euros in the January-February period, up from a budget target for a primary surplus of 1.307 billion and a primary surplus of 2.135 billion euros in the corresponding period last year, the finance ministry said in a report released on Wednesday.

The state budget showed a surplus of 1.543 billion euros in the first two months of the year, from a surplus of 434 million in the same period last year and a budget target for a surplus of 98 million euros.

Net revenue amounted to 8.976 billion euros in the two month period, up 14.5 pct from targets, while regular budget net revenue totaled 8.307 billion euros, up 9.0 pct from targets.

Tax returns totaled 719 million euros, up 110 million from budget targets, while Public Investment Programme revenue amounted to 669 million euros, up 452 million from targets.

State budget spending amounted to 7.433 billion euros in the January-February period, down 310 million from targets. Regular budget spending amounted to 7.246 billion euros, down 112 million euros from targets and down 476 million compared with the same period in 2017. Public Investment Programme spending totaled 187 million euros in the two-month period, down 198 million from targets.

In February, net revenue was 4.223 billion euros, up 275 million from monthly targets, while regular budget net revenue was 4.159 billion euros, up 322 million from targets (boosted by the collection of an annual dividend worth 614.2 million euros from the Bank of Greece, up 214.2 million from targets).

The Public Investment Programme totaled 64 million euros in February, down 47 million from targets, while tax returns totaled 394 million euros, up 116 million from monthly targets.

State budget spending was 4.257 billion euros in February, down 95 million from monthly targets, while regular budget spending was 4.154 billion euros, up 11 million from targets. Public Investment Programme spending was 104 million euros, down 106 million from monthly targets.