Greek universities scored high at the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities. According to this evaluation list of higher education institutions, drawn up twice a year, the University of Athens was ranked 279th among 27,000 universities, followed by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (291st), and the National Technical University of Athens (388th). The top five Greek educational institutions out of a total of 76 also include the University of Patras (541st) and the University of Crete (600th).

This ranking is compiled by Cybermetrics (CCHS), a unit of the Spanish National Research Center (CSIC), which is Spain’s main research institution. It provides information on more than 27,000 universities according to their online presence and the impact of research conducted at these, as it is reflected in the total number of citations for articles and other publications by professors and researchers, but also as it is reflected in the proportion of those publications present in the top 10% of the most-read and important publications worldwide.

Each university’s ranking is based on the following four indices: online presence (5%, concerning the total volume of content published online by the institution), impact (50%, concerning quality of content as evidenced by citations and links to the uploaded content), the open scientific content (10%, concerning the institution’s participation in the online open scientific standards), and excellence (35%, proportion of online publications present in the top 10% of the most-read and important publications worldwide in each scientific field).

It should be noted that, in regards to the criterion of open scientific content the University of Athens ranks 44th among all universities worldwide, with 539,999 citations. This is the best ranking for a Greek university in any world ranking.