Greek actor and director Rafika Chawishe has been awarded the Ibsen Scholarship Prize, one of the most important international theatrical distinctions awards, which was given to “Europeana”, a proposal of the Zlap group, founded by Chawishe in 2015, for “Best Featured Direction and Drama Award”.

“Europeana” places the action of Ibesn’s “Little Eyolf” on the Greek islands during the refugee crisis. In the center of the adaptation are the unaccompanied minors who crossed hundreds of thousands of kilometers of embattled, inhospitable areas, travelling under awful conditions, to eventually land on the shores of the Aegean islands.

Reasoning for the award, the jury highlights, among others, that Greece “is at the frontlines of a critical battle in defending the principles of freedom, open society and humanity. It should be noted that these are the values upon which the structure a unified Europe is based “.

The award ceremony will be held on October 18, in Ibsen’s birthplace, Skien.