One of the iconic red two-story London buses is powered with coffee waste using a biofuel that is produced by mixing the oil extracted from coffee beans together with diesel oil.

According to an article on the BBC website, the startup bio-bean that is running this green initiative in co-operation with thousands of cafes across the UK, said it has already produced enough coffee oil to fuel a bus for a year.

London’s mass transport means are increasingly using biofuels to reduce emissions of air pollutants. The biofuel produced with waste such as cooking oil and fat from meat processing is already used in many of the 9,500 London buses. However, this is the first time a coffee biofuel will be used in London’s public transport system.

The company believes it will take just over 2.55 million cups of coffee to produce enough biofuel enough to fuel a London bus for a year. It is worth mentioning that the Londoners are throwing 200,000 tons of coffee waste per year.