On September 20-22, the Santorini Arts Festival hosts Ioli Andreadis’s staging of Euripides’s Ion. Set against the natural dusk light, the play features Konstantinos Bibis, this year’s “Dimitris Horn” Prize winner, who will be interpreting the titular character as well as 7 other roles. Dimitra Hatoupi will be playing Creousa. Piecing together a live soundscape alongside them will be musician Nikos Touliatos.

As the sun sets, the play finds young Ion –who would be the leader of the Ionians, the Athenians- arriving to the center of the Philippi ancient theater’s stage, while his mother, Kreousa, sits in the stands, stalking. Fascinated by this strange woman’s otherworldly familiarity, Ion sets out to make her love him, by giving her a full account of his passions.

Euripides wrote Ion around 412 BC. The play talks about how Ion, the child that Creousa gave to Apollo and then left alone, was taken to Delphi by Apollo’s own order, to be brought up by Pythia in the oracle. In time, the child is appointed the oracle’s keeper, and is there when Creousa visits with her husband, Xuthus, to find out why their union continues to be childless.

The play is translated, directed and choreographed by Ioli Andreadis, and adapted into a two-character play by Ioli Andreadis & Aris Asproulis.

You can watch a trailer for the performance here.

Where: Santorini Arts Factory
When: September 20,21,22; 6 pm

For more information, please visit www.santoriniartsfactory.gr