The Israeli Embassy in Athens and main opposition New Democracy's sector chief for Macedonia-Thrace issues Constantinos Gioulekas on Wednesday joined those expressing strong condemnation of an attack on a Jewish Monument housed in the campus of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).

The desecration and destruction of monuments was "shameful for Thessaloniki" said Gioulekas and "sent negative messages about the capital of Macedonia," while he unequivocally condemned "every such action that is an insult to the city and its inhabitants."

The Israeli Embassy, in a tweet, said it was abhorrent that this was the second attack in two weeks in which a Jewish monument in the city had been desecrated and none of the people responsible had been brought before justice.

AUTH authorities on Tuesday condemned the desecration of the monument, which marked the site of a former Jewish cemetery on the campus, saying that the blue paint and graffiti were cleaned off.

The monument was erected near the university's central library, to commemorate the old Jewish cemetery that was destroyed in 1942.