Instead of ending up with foundries and recycling, they will reach aviation enthusiasts all over the world, with the stamp of Greek creativity. This is the plan for parts of withdrawn Greek fighter aircraft, turned into accessories under the idea of three young Greeks.

"These items carry stories from real flights over the Aegean, essentially representing a group of people, Greek Air Force pilots, people who have been risking their lives everyday in the last few years, people who are in a profession, who for many it represents elements such as power, adrenaline, and advanced technology," writes Vasileios Sofikitis, creator of the startup under the name Jetk, whose father was a pilot.

This group of youth entrepreneurship emerged "when we saw leftovers of old aircraft, and then we learned that these items were bought by antique miners and after a course they ended up in Germany and special foundries, not existing in our country, so that they would re-imported in the heavy industry of the region. Knowledge of the outcome of these objects has left us with a sadness since they carry both an objective value and a subjective value for the people who appreciate their story," Sofikitis said.

Young entrepreneurs thus acquire fins from engines of these withdrawn and non-utility fighter jets and then recycle them "in a specially upgraded way, creating special keyrings, bottle openers and special office decorations." The team, besides Mr. Sofikitis includes two students, Porphyrios Peloriadis, a student of ASOE and Dimitris Mysirlis, a graphic designer.

"They are made of titanium superalloys, as when they were in aircraft engines they had to be resistant to temperatures that exceed 1,000 degrees Celsius," says the young creator of the new venture.

The whole program of the Greek startup "that is 100% Greek in all stages" is currently in the process of raising funds through crowdfunding in the Indiegogo platform. With the end of the fundraising campaign, the first deliveries are expected to begin by December 2017.