“Today Europe is safer and stronger, after a decade of crisis, but there is still much to be done for a more sovereign, social and democratic Europe”, stresses the joint declaration of the 4th Mediterranean EU Countries’ Summit held on Wednesday in Rome. The text of the seven heads of the EU southern countries also underlines, “further steps are needed for the integration of the Economic and Monetary Union, for more balanced and sustainable growth, for competitiveness, quality employment and divergence”.

With regard to the migration issue, the declaration states, “We want co-management and co-funding of the migration policy in the European borders”. It is also stressed that “it is necessary to fully implement the EU-Turkey agreement in the Aegean, where international law is respected”, while regarding the Cyprus issue, the seven heads of States confirmed their support “to a total and effective solution to the problem, in line with the UN Security Council resolutions and the acquis communitaire”.


Translation: Eleni Gogou