Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis described the Novartis case of alleged briberies to 10 politicians as a "first-class scandal" with hundreds of doctors involved and "possibly" politicians.

Speaking in parliament during a debate on whether to set up a committee to investigate the allegations, Kontonis said he hoped most of those accused, "if not all", will prove their innocence and called on all parties to help abolish article 86 of the Constitution, which grants Parliament the exclusive right to prosecute ministers for criminal offenses committed in the course of their duties, claiming that the law will be valid for the current government as well, because "Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA's ministers have no need for protection, nothing to fear."

Commenting on the arguments made by opposition parties during the debate, he said the question that arises is whether Greece is facing a scandal or a frame-up.

"[It is] An international scandal which affects numerous countries, [and] some people are trying to tell us that nothing has happened in Greece," he said, adding that it doesn't make sense to speak of a political conspiracy.