Juvenoia comes from putting together the words Juvenile + Paranoia, and it means an older generation’s fear of, and hostility towards the younger one.

David Finkelhor came up with the term in 2010. Even before the term came about, George Orwell defined its content, saying that “every generation imagines being more intelligent than the former and wiser than the next.”

This summer, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation hosts 6 young artists, graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts, who are trying to establish a line of communication, using different expressive means to approach and interpret Juvenoia by offering their own answers. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, video art, performances, installations and constructs by Dimitra Zervou, Marilia Kolympiri, Kyriakos Mitropoulos, Anastasia Pavlou, Giorgos Stamatakis and Eleni Tsamadia. The exhibition’s opening will take place on June 29, 8:30 pm.

Where: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Piraeus 206
When: June 29 – September 3, 6-10 pm
Admission is free

For more information, visit www.mcf.gr.