Having attracted an audience of over 45,000 over 4 years, “Katerina”, the August Corteau book adapted and directed for the stage by Yiorgos Nanouris, is headed to Thessaloniki for 4 performances on September 22-24, before returning once more to Athens for a limited run of 20 performances at the New Katerina Vassilakou Theater.

Featuring Lena Papaligoura in the titular role, the play tells the real life story of the writer’s bipolar mother. Katerina has just committed suicide and begins to tell her doomed life. Drugs, pills, husband and son, love and hatred, homosexuality, self-deprecation, humor and pain, affection and screams, and multiple suicide attempts are the chaotic reality of a heroine struggling with bipolar disorder and grasping at whoever she can, leading her only to take a whole family into her illness’s whirlwind.


Where: Egnatia Theater
When September 22 (9:15 pm), 23 (7 pm, 9:30 pm), 24 (7 pm)
For information, call +30 2310 231 431


Where: New Katerina Vassilakou Theater
When: Mondays, Tuesdays (starting October 9), 9 pm
For booking information, visit this link.