As part of the documenta 14, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation has introduced in its programming “Keimena (Texts)”, a series of movie screenings to be launched in anticipation of the significant art exhibition, and running through its entire course. Having started on Monday, March 27, and concluding on September 18, at 24:00, “Texts” is a series of weekly screenings curated by documenta 14 and broadcast by ERT.

The series’ goal is to expand documenta 14’s reach into viewers’ lives, as well as to form a distinct audience. All movies scheduled will also be available through for a period of seven days following their initial broadcast. In addition, information on the program, short introductory texts in Greek, German and English, as well as opening scenes of the movies will be available through the documenta 14 website.

The “Texts” series focuses on the areas of experimental documentaries and fiction, featuring films whose approach and topics touch upon the social, the political, and the poetic. At the same time, their theoretical foundation and locus has them interact with the wider curation philosophy guiding documenta 14.

On Monday, August 21, 2017 at 24:00, ERT2 viewers will have the opportunity to watch two Chantal Akerman creations: The 1986 romantic musical comedy “Golden Eighties” and the 2015 documentary “No Home Movie.”

Chantal Akerman, who died in 2015, is one of the greatest independent directors in recent decades. Her last feature length film, “No Home Movie,” is a touching, loving portrait of her mother at the end of her life. In this screening, it is accompanied by the light in tone film “Golden Eighties,” a witty and romantic musical comedy about a daughter’s love for her mother. Dieter Roelstraete, who introduces the screenings, talks about how these films show the “two sides of Chantal Akerman” and its lasting effect on the art of cinema.