The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, in cooperation with the Korea Foundation, presents the 2018 Athens Korean Film Festival, which will run from March 30 to April 1 at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, and will screen the following 3 films.

Friday, March 30: The fatal encounter (2014)
Directed by LEE Jae-kyoo; Starring: HYUN-Bin, JEONG Jae-Yeong, CHO Jung-Suk, HAN Ji-Min

The film is based on historical events -specifically the attempted homicide of King Jeongo, the 22nd ruler in the Joseon dynasty, also referred to as the “King of Unhappiness.” The film finds the King having been in power for only one year, though several failed attempts have already been made to kill him, weakening his power and hold on the throne. The Queen and the region’s feudal lords plan to kill him; meanwhile, outside the palace, trained executioner Eul-soo is ordered to kill the king, otherwise his lover will die.
The film will be screened with subtitles in Greek

Saturday, March 31: Forever the moment (2008)
Directed by YIM Soon-rye; Starring: MOON So-Rri, KIM Jeong-Eun, EOM Tae-Woong

The film is based on the South Korean Women’s Handball Team, which competed at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The film finds the country’s team broken up. Mi-Sook, a former professional handball player and twice an Olympic gold medalist, works at a supermarket; Hae-kyung, a former coach of Japan’s handball team, returns to Korea to replace the National Team’s former coach. In order to rebuild the team, he asks old team members, including Mi-sook, to rejoin, but old and new teammates clash. Will they be able to regain their old glory?
The film will be screened with subtitles in English

Sunday, April 1: The Suspect (2013)
Directed by WON Shin-yeon; Starring: GONG Yoo, PARK Hee-Soon, CHO Seong-Ha

Before being abandoned during a mission, Dong-chul was the best secret agent in North Korea. When he manages to return, he finds his wife and daughter murdered. With a bounty on his head and on the run, he starts working the night shift as the driver of a powerful company’s president, who is brutally murdered -but who gives Dong-chul a pair of glasses just before he dies. Once more on the run, accused of murdering the president, and of treason, Dong-chul desperately tries to figure out the state secrets hiding in the pair of glasses.
The film will be screened with subtitles in Greek

Al screenings start at 8 pm; admission is free, but reservations are required. You can call the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation at +30 210 341 8550 to reserve your seat.