The multi-bill with the last prerequisites of the third review is presented, on Tuesday, to the Parliament with the aim to be passed next Monday, so that the agreement with the Institutions may be concluded in the Eurogroup of January 22nd. According to a government official, the multi-bill, consisting of around 600 pages, will close around 50 out of the 60 outstanding prerequisites of the review, and the rest (in order to complete the list with the 110 prerequisites in total) will be put in place in the following ten days by issuing ministerial decisions and circulars.

On Thursday, January 11, the EuroWorking Group will convene in order to examine the progress in the implementation of the prerequisites. The government is optimistic that the Eurogroup of January 22nd will give the green light to conclude the third review and then, in early February, to disburse the tranche by the ESM.


Translation: Eleni Gogou