Tonight, the Trianon cinema audience will have a unique opportunity to attend a discussion with “Lines” stars Tassos Noussias and Kostas Xykominos, accompanied by the film’s producer, director, and screenwriter, Vasilis Mazomenos.

Co-produced by ERT, “Lines”, Mazomenos’s most ambitious project to date, is a cry about a dying Greece, inspired by the 4,000 (at least) suicides that have occurred in the country during the financial crisis. Seven touching stories of desperate people flirting with suicide, and the operator of “Life Line”, a psychological support center, compose a modern drama with surreal elements, inspired in part by true stories.

With many well-known actors (from Venice Festival award-winning Themistoklis Panou, to Anna Kalaitzidou of “Dogtooth”, and from Theodoros Katsafados, to Tassos Noussias), the film has attracted international interest, with reviews talking about a side of “modern Greek tragedy”.

“Lines” is screened daily at Trianon cinema, at 10 pm. On November 21 and 22 the movie will be screened with English subtitles. Starting on November 23, the film will be screened in Thessaloniki, at the Pavlos Zannas hall.

You can watch the film’s trailer here.