Following the success it found last year at the National Theater’s Experimental Stage, “Lolita Reversed”, the play directed by Christos Karasavidis, returns to the central stage of Epi Kolono Theater, where it is presented in a brand new version without cuts.

Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita stands as the personification of the forbidden fruit in a shocking story which has been censored and cherished by millions of readers. Inspired by this novel, “Lolita Reversed” rewrites from the beginning this stormy love story, testing the limits of human desire and of modern theater.

Where: Epi Kolono Theater
When: October 14, 9pm; October 15, 8pm; October 18 onwards, 9pm (Wednesdays), 6:15pm (Saturdays), 9:15pm (Sundays)

General admission: €10-15