Love is next in the rotation of emotions in the “Feelings” photography project which takes place at Vault art space. Love can mean trust, acceptance, friendliness, warmth, courtesy, match, devotion, worship, Eros. Photographers look to the many definitions of love to capture their own interpretation.

Following last year’s event, “Seven”, which was inspired by the seven deadly sins, Vault art space is hosting the photography project “Feelings”. It includes 8 exhibitions, for which artists and professional photographers capture the 8 basic human emotions. The project will run for a total of eight months, having started in October, and concluding in May 2018. Each month, a photography exhibition will be set up at Vault, and will run for 8 days. Each month, a committee will select the 8 best photos presented on each emotion. The committee includes Nikos Giavropoulos, Thomas Daskalakis, Dionysis Koutsis, Fanis Pavlopoulos, Giannis Priftis, Giorgos Striftaris, Elena Fakou, and Christina Fylakopoulou.

In October, the exhibition focused on “Joy”. Until November 16, the pictures presented at Vault focus on “Sorrow”.

Participating photographs include:

Mpampis Aerakis, Georgia Antonopoulou, Giorgos Argyropoulos, Ioannis Vlachiotis, Evangelos Gouvelis, Linda Zoitze, Constantinos Ioannou, Eva Zambetaki-Kalivi, Nicholaos Karman, Katerina Kasidiari, Christos Katsinis, Nikos Kichem, Konstantinos Kritsalos, Georgios Makridis, Vangelis Makrygiannis, Konstantinos Mitrovgenis, Aggelos Barai, Nikos Bibizas, Penny Orphanou, Stefanos Papazapraidis, Maria Papanastasiou, Evgenia Pappa, Katerina Pavlidaki, Katerina Poulea, Nikolas Pourliaros, Stella Pilarinou, Vasiliki Sfika, Pavlos Tsaousakis, Georgia Tsokou, Panagiotis Feloukas, Stelios Charalampakis, Maria Chatzimina, Christos Chirmpos, Vassiliki Chiou, and Annita Christofidou.

As the project continues, in January it will focus on disgust; in February, on fear; in March, anger; in April, surprise; and in May, shame. The project will conclude with the 64 photos selected from each monthly exhibition being presented on June 8, at Vault, and subsequently being published by Kappa Publishing.

Where: Vault art space (26 Melenikou, Gkazi)
When: December 8-16