Thousands of people – 90,000 according to the police and 400,000 according to the coordinators – participated in the demonstration held on the paved road opposite the statue of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki, asking that the term “Macedonia” be not included in the new name of FYROM. “Macedonia is only one and it is Greek” was the main motto of the demonstration, in which citizens from various areas of the country, mainly from Macedonia and Thrace, participated. MPs of New Democracy and the Independent Greeks, President of the Union of Centrists Vassilis Leventis, Central Macedonia Regional Governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas, MEP of the “Olive Tree” party Eva Kaili, Metropolite of Thessaloniki Anthimos and other prelates participated, among others, in the demonstration.

Limited violent incidents took place between demonstrators and anti-establishment activists, who had planned a counter-demonstration at Kamara Square at the same time of the main demonstration. Order was restored after the intervention of the special MAT forces, which used tear gas and chemicals.


Translation: Eleni Gogou